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I am very honored to be elected to the new president of YDXC in April,2018, succeeding
to Mr. Tachio Yonemura, JA1BRK.
I obtained the license of JA1WWO in March, 1966, when I was a high school student.
When I was a university student, I got a SSB transceiver andstarted operation from home
with a simple 15m GP antenna. I got to know the pleasure of DXing by contacting VK and
Asian armatures. Soon after,I changed my antenna to 2 element cubical quad and it enabled
me to contact all over the world. One of my hamradio friend invited me to the Yokohama DX
Club -YDXC, which was established one or two years before.
A few years after I started working, I was sent to Zambia “9J2”,unfortunately, I could not
get license.
After I returned from Africa, I had been busy with my job and I returned to the life of hamradio
after about 30 years interval and joined YDXC again.
There are various way of enjoying DXing, chasing DXCC, participating in contests, challenging
difficult QSOs in low bands or 6m, collecting US counties, and so on.
The new digital mode of FT8 has gathered attraction recently. KH1/KH7Z DX-pedition to Baker
Island in 2018 shall be memorable as the first DX-pediton operating FT8 and proved the
effectiveness of this new mode in DX-pedition. On the other hand, this new mode operation
cause problems regarding not only manner but way of operation.
I think DXing is individual activities but we can share the enjoyment with DX club friends.
Furthermore, we may learn know-how, we may get a chance to try a new area which has been
out of scope of his or herself from club mates.
As stated above, my carrier of DXing is shorter than most of YDXC members, I will try my best
to be a president of YDXC.
The Presiden of Yokohama DX Club
Kiyoshi Sato

73’s and Good DXing,


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YDXC The Yokohama DX Club