I, JA1BRK, am very honored to be the new president of YDXC. My first career of amateur radio operator started in 1957 passing 2nd class exam. The privileges of old 2nd Class Operator allowed us to operate on 80 and 40 meter HF band and VHF phone only. I used to show up on 40 meter AM every day. But I soon noticed the band became dead during the night time in winter. One night I was able to copy a weak signal from a Philippine station who was speaking English. I was a freshman high school student at that time, it was almost impossible to speak in English. With my big bravery, I tried to call him and was so excited to have response from him! I became very fascinated to contact with overseas stations since that time. Chasing DX is the stepping stone to the DXCC award. Low band Dxing is a good example of a goal to set. Living in city or suburb where ideal antennas are out of the question, you can try simple wire antenna within your property. When you are able to get through to a DX station with that limited antenna, you will never forget it! To enjoy DXing with YDXC group, I will recommend “outdoor operation” and “DX operations from abroad”. How about a “DX vacation”? You can enjoy both sightseeing and radio operation. We have some YDXC members who carried out good DXpeditions in the past. They found real pleasure even when it was very tough. I am sure mountain climbers find the same feeling. If you are ready for outdoor operation, you will be ready for emergency operation. If you can operate our home station with non-commercial power, you are ready for emergency operation too. The most important aspect of DX club is getting together and enjoying fellowship. I am happy to be your new president. Let’s enjoy together! 73’s and Good DXing,

Tac Yonemura JA1BRK